High airtightness・High heat insulation for a healthy living

Aiming for a home where you can live healthily and comfortably,
We are creating a house with a focus on heat insulation performance, such as a resin sash that reduces the heat loss from the windows, or exterior heat insulation that completely wraps the whole house and prevents heat.
In this way, raising the insulated performance not only can improve the pleasantness when improving the insulated environment but also it can prevent “heat shock”, triggered by rapid temperature differences, which can cause cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, etc.

Protect your family with a solid house

The basic purpose and function of the house are to protect the lives and property of people living there from disasters (such as unpredictable earthquakes). Reliable technology is necessary to have a healthy and prosperous life in the long-term.
Yamato Housing has experienced the Great Earthquake Disaster in 1995 and was able to overcome the disastrous event.
We offer a house that is focusing on earthquake resistance and combining a structure equivalent to grade 3 by the “metal construction method + panel construction method” and a “vibration control damper” that significantly reduces the shaking by the earthquake.
※EVOLTZ - Vibration control damper (Made in Germany): Protects your house & Improve the earthquake resistant

Cherish customer’s opinion

We provide a plan that values the ideas of each and every customer.
A house where the family conversation is naturally fostered,
A house focused on raising your children,
A two-family house with a sense of comfortable distance,
Make your dreams come true with plenty of experiences and ideas.

Care for your health

  • Air
  • Water
  • Material
  • Design
  • Price

We seek to create a healthy and comfortable environment from five perspectives:
“Air・Water・Materials・ Design・Price”
We propose a new life style that combines “Physical Health” and “Mental Health”