Protects the global environment

Generate electricity by clean renewable energy

The electricity generated by using solar power does not emit CO2 or harmful waste, remains the beautiful earth and rich nature for the next generation.

Use natural energy to live comfortably

Using the electricity generated by solar power help you to live comfortably without excess savings.

Surplus electricity is stored and used efficiently

In the daytime, the generated electricity by sunlight is home daily use, and the remaining is stored in the storage battery of an electric vehicle.

The stored electricity is used effectively at night or when power is insufficient

At night or when power generation is insufficient, EV power conditioners are used for household electricity self-sufficiently.

You can sell the electricity when there is a surplus, it’s a plus for the household budget

A home with high airtightness and heat insulation is possibly essential to make “Electricity self-sufficient house’s life”.
The generated electricity is efficiently used in high-tightness and high-performance houses, and the remaining electricity after fully-charged in the electric vehicle can be sold.


A home with high airtightness and heat insulation is possibly essential to make “The home's electricity a self-sufficient life”.
The energy-saving performance of a house is essential for a household's self-sufficient. We provide a healthy, comfortable and energy-saving live all year round with high airtightness, high insulation house "ENEGE" and air conditioning "YUCACO system" throughout the place.

Yamato Housing's Zero Energy House

Entire-air conditioning YUCACO system

Three quality

  • Comfortable space

    Even at the hallway or the dressing room in the winter, the entrance or upstairs in the summer, room temperature is almost constant everywhere in the house. A comfortable house is operated throughout the year.

  • Health effect

    Our house does not create an indoor temperature difference that causes heat shock. Furthermore, we eliminate the pollen and PM2.5 that protect family health in a clean environment.

  • Low cost & energy saving

    There is no need for patience or savings. You do not need an air conditioner in each room. As there is only one air conditioner for the entire house, the installation cost and the monthly electricity bill are also saved.

Reliable high-quality, high-performance housing and the latest technology all in one

Solar power

A storage battery
in an electric vehicle (EV)

EV Power Conditioner (V2H)

Self-sufficient housing

A storage battery in an electric vehicle (EV)

Electricity can be stored greatly

In fact, the storage capacity of electric vehicles (EV) is larger than that of home-use storage batteries.
There are many cars with high storage capacity, even in second-hand vehicles, therefore, large amounts of electricity are stored at a low cost.

EV power conditioner V2H

Electric vehicle (EV) supply electricity for daily use through the storage battery

By combining the Electric Vehicle (EV)’s storage battery and the EV power conditioner (V2H), the equipped EV’s storage battery equipped EV can be used to supply electricity from the EV to the home.

Output 6kW allows many appliances to be used simultaneously

With the 6kW output from the SMART V2H, many appliances can be used simultaneously. Even in case of power failure, the electricity will be guaranteed for your daily life.

With the power supply and demand control system, electricity of Electric Vehicles (EV), Photovoltaic power generation system (PV) and electric network (from the power company) can be mixedly used.


Home’s electric self-sufficiency is operated only by the high-performance house from YAMATO JYUKEN, INC
Let's start a life that is kind to the global environment for our future children